.: Higher Education Avenues in Philippines

Higher education in Philippines is well developed and spreads to most parts of the country. The Commission on Higher Education (CHED) governs all public and private educational institutes in Philippines. Its aims at making education accessible to all, promotes quality education and protects academic freedom for continual intellectual growth.

Philippines higher or tertiary education as it is called education has moved in varied directions with the CHED formulating and implementing policies and programs for development and operation of higher education. The delivery of higher education in Philippines is provided by private and public higher education institutions.

There are presently 1,282 higher education institutions in the country. With 98 state universities and colleges, 10unded. Sectarian institutes are owned and operated by religious organizations and the non-sectarian organizations are operated by private entities. State Universities and Colleges are chartered public higher education institutions established by law, administered and financially subsidized by the government.

Local Universities and Colleges are those established by the local government through resolutions or ordinances. Students from various parts of the globe including America, Taiwan and Korea come to Philippines for pursuing higher education.
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