.: Architecture Study Programs in Philippines

Architecture is a blend of art, engineering and mathematics that characterizes the built environment. Students of architecture study history of architecture, celebrated architects and learn designing of present day building structures and aesthetics.

Architectural education is primarily concerned with providing the students the highest of knowledge, skill and competence in the art and science of architecture along with a complete understanding of concepts related to architecture theories.

Architecture studies aim to train and develop the student’s caliber and proficiency in the theories, practices and techniques of architecture including its implementation of rules and regulations. Students also shape values towards developmental tasks of community and nation building.

Architecture schools offer courses that include Bachelor of Science in Architecture that is a five-year course in three stages. Completion of the second year provides Certificate for Draftsmanship, completion of third year gives Certificate for Building Technician and full completion of course in five years gets the Degree of Bachelor of Science in Architecture.

The course provides opportunities for early employment and exposure to the world of professional work. Job opportunities in varied fields include interior designing, computer-aided design and drafting, construction project management, property appraisal, architectural journalism and landscape designing among a host of other options.

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