.: Computer Science Studies in Philippines Universities

Computer Science Studies in Philippines are provided in many universities and colleges. The educational system lays emphasis on continually sharing and updating expertise through teaching, research and information technology product development. The focus is on understanding the properties of programs used to implement software.

Computer science studies teach students theoretical foundations of information and computation and practical techniques for implementation and application in computer systems. They offer systematic study of algorithmic processes to create, describe and transform information. Sub-fields in the subject include computer graphics, computational complexity theories and implementing computations.

Computer science professionals utilize their intellectual and practical knowledge in computer systems, software engineering, languages and algorithms to create new programs or improve existing ones. Intensive undergraduate programs emphasize actual implementation of theories and of project-orientation in real world environment.

Computer Science education in Philippines develops experts in computer science, computer engineering, and information technology, equipping students to become industry experts, professionals and specialized academics. Apart from the Bachelor of Science in Computer Science, courses on offer include Computer Science Major in Computer Systems Engineering, Computer Science Specialization in Network Engineering, Computer Science with Specialization in Software Technology, Computer Science with Specialization in Instructional Systems Technology and Information Systems.

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