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Malolos City is a class three urban component city in the Republic of the Philippines. It is the capital city of the province of Bulacan and is the seat of the provincial government. Located 4litan Manila.

Malolos is situated in southwest of Bulacan province, in Central Luzon Region of the island of Luzon. The city is subdivided into dies.

The vernacular language is Filipino in the form of Tagalog but English is the language most widely used in education and business throughout the city. Hailed as one of the centers of education in Central Luzon region, the city is host to numerous educational centers, academies, institutes, colleges and universities.

As the center of education in Central Luzon region Malolos has established universities like the government-funded Bulacan State University and privately owned Centro Escolar University and University of Regina Carmeli.
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University of Regina Carmeli

Malolos City, Bulacan - Philippines
+63 (44) 791-0184

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