.: Undergraduate University Courses in Philippines

Many universities and colleges in Philippines offer several undergraduate courses in Liberal Arts, Social Sciences, Law, Business and Economics, Natural Sciences, Engineering, Music, Archaeology and Fine Arts among others. UP Diliman as the Flagship University in Philippines is the administrative seat of the system as well as an autonomous university in its own right. UP Diliman is the home of diverse colleges offering about 94 undergraduate courses.

Besides several other universities offer more baccalaureate programs while offering modern facilities for undergraduate courses. Many libraries are computerized and provide automated services. Identifying specific areas that appeal to undergraduate students, universities are offering engineering and interdisciplinary programs that include material science, technology management, archaeological studies and international studies at the undergraduate level.

Universities spread all over the country serve the student population to undertake undergraduate courses to expand and upgrade their educational qualifications by providing programs in technological studies that are gaining precedence.

The development of various colleges as centers of excellence along with investments into modernization of several universities and colleges for undergraduate education in Philippines is now poised to reassert its place among the leading universities in the Asia-Pacific region.

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